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Immersive Arts Symposium
Market Hall, Plymouth - 25/09/2022

The event featured an exhibition of immersive films and workshops which investigated the history and evolution of AR, VR, MR, XR that was led by Amy Edwards. Musaab Garhouti introduced participants to 3D scanning and the implementation of visuals for Immersive Domes. The overall feedback from attendees at the event was very good and we are steadily building a database of contributors and participants for the future .

Gilbert Gabriel investigated the development of spatial sound.  He presented how immersive audio in conjunction with immersive imagery can radicalise medicine, space travel and entertainment. He said: "Filmmakers, musicians, artists, dancers and XR creators will revolutionise how they design and tell stories via the plethora of tools that are now emerging."


Memories of Dartington
A film celebrating the legacy of Dartington Hall - 28/10/2022

The premiere of a celebration of Dartington Hall’s legacy using the latest immersive Dolby Atmos surround sound techniques. Fact, fiction, self-reflection and laughter featuring ex-alumni Dave Thompson (Ex Tinky Winky and now a comedian lauded by Ben Elton and Harry Hill). Featuring the music and sound design of Gilbert Gabriel mixed at Peter Gabriel’s RealWorld studios, including The Dream Academy’s In Places on the Run.

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